Tour of Gramercy Park
+ Open Bar at the Players Club 6/19/19
Join Max Weissberg, Wednesday, June 19th, 2019 6pm for a private tour of Gramercy Park.
If you are unable to make the 6/19/19 event, you may request a tour on another date and your tour may include up to 5 people. 

Max is the grandson of the former owner of the Gramercy Park Hotel and author of a Rolling Stone article on its history: . He also co-produced the Sundance Channel documentary film HOTEL GRAMERCY PARK, which feature cameos by Karl Lagerfeld, Kanye West, Ben Stiller, Winona Ryder, and Paris Hilton. Max even has his own bench in Gramercy Park and is an experienced guide.

The tour will be followed by cocktails and a presentation in the Players Club
This event is free, however, you must be at least a $500 investor in KARAGANDA, a feature film.
To RSVP, please purchase 5 membership units at:
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